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Porter's Pristine Pro Clean is dedicated to providing high quality services to the greater Fort Worth area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or want to learn more.

Window Cleaning, Shutter Painting & Window Screen Repair

Our window cleaning service is sure to leave you with a smile!  Our technicians start by removing the built up dirt and grime, then they use a window mop and window squeegee to leave the window sparkly clean. *Our window cleaning service removes surface dirt and build up but does not remove cracks, chips, paint stains, and mineral build up are not guaranteed to come off.*

After a few years, shutters can dull in color and not look as eye-pleasing as before our shutter painting service will bring the brightness back onto your shutters leaving them better then before.

Our window screen repair will provide protection from insects while allowing fresh air into your home


Gutter Clearing, Gutter Repair & Gutter Installation

All gutter cleanings ensure clearing of debris from the gutters and roof, cleared and checked downspouts, and gutter hangers secured when necessary


Our gutter repair services will secure gutters back to the house if gutters are not completely unattached from the home. This includes loose nails, missing nails, and hanging gutters.

Gutter guards are installed to protect the gutter from an overage of debris.  Gutter guards are secured to the gutter with screws and will not break your roof warranty.  Our company uses gutter guards to provide consistent results. Call us or schedule an estimate for additional information!

Lawn Mowing & Lead Clean up.

Our technicians will mow the lawn and blow leaves to bag them. We offer leaf clean up but not leaf removal. We will provide the bags. We can set up a plan to come out and cut your lawn biweekly, monthly, whatever you prefer.

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